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Leak Detection Systems - the ‘smoke detector’ for water

Leak sensing systems are the ‘smoke alarm’ for water.  Where smoke alarms are critical to fire prevention, water detection systems can help companies avoid significant asset losses.

The ‘smoke detector’ for water

Drips and small floods are not uncommon when chilled water type precision air conditioners are used. They leave datacenters exposed to the threat of water leaking from these pipes and can harm property, interrupt business and cost companies millions of dollars in losses. Eads TSI Services offers fully engineered solutions designed to protect customers. 

Overview of a Leak Detection System

Systems can be installed separately or incorporated into an Environmental Monitoring system. The key benefit of the system is it detects water leaks at a very early stage and sends an alert to the user so they can respond appropriately before the damage is done.


An individual water leak detection system consists of:

  • An evaluation of the site by trained technicians to determine the appropriate type of sensor or combination of sensors along with the correct leak detection panel.
    • Cable sensors are generally used to monitor for potential leaks under large areas below racks or along water pipes.
    • Probe sensors are used for small areas or for spot leak detection such as areas under close control units or in small battery room.

When leaked water touches a cable sensor or comes in contact with a probe sensor then it sends a signal to the panel which triggers an alert to the user.  These alerts can be delivered via a variety of ways; an audio alarm, LED display alarm, by SMS or Email.

TSI Services offers Turnkey Leak Detection Systems 

  • Single Zone Water Leak Detection System
  • Multi Zone Water Leak Detection System
  • Distance Read Water Leak Detection System
  • On demand repair and maintenance services for existing systems.

Protect your company from property losses, business interruptions and potential of millions of dollars in losses.

Contact us for information to get started setting up your water detection system.

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